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Best Deep Cleaning Services in Bangalore & Deep Cleaning for Home

Best Deep Cleaning Services in Bangalore, Reliable Deep Cleaning Services
Specific Home Services

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Specific Cleaning offers a flexible solution for all your home cleaning needs. We provide professional Home Cleaning Services in Bangalore at affordable cost. No matter what type of home you stay in, may be a independent House or a Flat, our experts will clean it all.

We believe in creating a clean and healthy living environment for your family. Its hard to keep your home away from dust and all the pollution that around all the time. This is where we come in. Our Professional House Cleaning Services in Bangalore ensures your house is protected from pollution.

Know what’s included in Home Cleaning Services

Specific Cleaning – Home Cleaning Services include Kitchen Deep Cleaning, Bathroom Deep Cleaning, Bedroom Deep Cleaning and Living Area Cleaning. All cleaning services are carried out by experts. Each task is mentioned in detail below.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

  1. Dusting of all accessible Areas
  2. Wash cabinets and drawers
  3. Vacuum Clean Floor area
  4. Clean Wash Basin and Sink
  5. Wipe and Clean exteriors of Stove, Fridge and Oven
  6. Clean and Wipe Kitchen table
  7. Take out garbage and recycling waste
  8. Clean Kitchen appliances
  9. Clean Exhaust fan

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

  1. Dust clean light and other Fixtures
  2. Wash and Sanitize the Toilet
  3. Wash Bathroom Cabinets and drawers
  4. Clean shower, Tub and Sink
  5. Wipe Mirrors, Doors and Glass fixtures
  6. Remove and clean trash bin
  7. Clean and wash Floor area
  8. Wipe Floor area

 Bedroom Deep Cleaning

  1. Remove dust from Ceiling Fan
  2. Dust all accessible areas
  3. Dust blinds 
  4. Dust Clean bed cover and pillows
  5. Clean picture frames 
  6. Wipe exterior of wardrobes
  7. Wipe windows, sills and sashes
  8. Vacuum clean floor area
  9. Remove and clean trash

Living Area Cleaning

  1. Remove dust from Ceiling Fans
  2. Duct clean Furniture
  3. Dust blinds
  4. Vacuum clean floor area
  5. Clean Doors
  6. Remove trash
  7. Wipe Mirrors Glass fixtures